Physiological ecology of development, reproduction, longevity, and performance


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2015 has been a great year so far in the Hood lab.


Hood and Kavazis received an NIH R03 Award to evaluate the role that mitochondria play in the improved health displayed by mothers who nurse their babies relative to mothers who feed their babies formula.  This study will use rats as our model.


Hood received an NSF CAREER award to 1) evaluate the role that mitochondria plays in the negative interaction between reproduction and longevity and to 2) develop laboratory modules for Alabama 7th and 9th graders that will introduce them to mitochondria and the role that mitochondria play in an individual's performance. This study will focus on our house mice maintained in laboratory conditions and in our semi-natural populations.


Warren received the best oral presentation award at the Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences conference in Houston.


The Hood lab, including Adam Lucy and the mouse house, were featured in the Auburn Family b...

Our study on climbing and bone metabolism during lactation has been published in PLoS One.  This work was completed entirely with undergraduate help. Undergrad assistant and med school bound Michael Hobensack is second author on this paper - Congrats on your first paper Michael!


Emily Welling was awarded a CMB summer research fellowship to study mitochondria function in migratory vs non-migratory song birds in our lab.  

More Kudos to round out the year!  


  • Congrats to undegraduate research students Nikki Wyatt and Dylan Hooks who got into med school!

  • Congrats to our December graduates: Zach Donoviel, Dylan Hooks, Alan Webster, and Max Keeling. 

  • And congrats to Matthew Warren who was awarded a Sigma Xi grant-in-aid of research.


Most of the lab is headed to SICB in West Palm Beach Florida just after the new year - hope to see you there.  


Happy 2015 from the Hood!

Hood lab graduate Amy Skibiel's post-doc work was featured in the NY Times! Amy is second author on the study.

Congratulations to our growing list of undergrads who have been accepted to professional school for fall 2015!


Medical School: Adam Lucy, John Dasher, Michael Hobensack, Lexie Powers

Congratulations to our growing list of undergrads who have been accepted to professional school for fall 2015!


Medical School: Adam Lucy, John Dasher, Michael Hobensack

The Hood, Hill and Wada labs had a great weekend trip to Dauphin Is, AL. We id'd 94 species of birds and caught caught several interesting fish - including a bonnethead shark.



  • Wendy was elected to the position 'President-Elect' of the Comparative Nutrition Society.  She will be in that post Jan 2015-Dec 2016 and then President of CNS Jan 2017-Dec 2018.

  • Congrats to Chih-Wei who receive a travel grant to attend SICB in West Palm Beach, FL.


  • Our own Zach Donoviel was featured in the Office of Undergraduate Research Newletter

  • Wendy and Geoff Hill attended and presented at the American Ornithologist Union in Estes Park, CO. Wendy presented our work on vit. D and development in Bluebirds and she came in 1st in the masters division of the All-Out-Ostrich Uproar (5K run at 8000 ft.)! (Reality check - there may not have been much competition in the old farts category).  Congrats to Geoff who was awarded a lifetime achievement award - the Brewster award!

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