Courses taught at Auburn: 


BIOL3101 Comparative Anatomy


Offered every semester.  Taught by Hood every fall.


Fall 2014 - Dr Hood has release time.  She'll be teaching Comparative Anatomy again fall 2015.


The objective of this course is to introduce students to all of major anatomical systems in vertebrates, emphasizing how structure implements function and the inferred evolutionary history of these systems. This course includes a lab in which students gain skills in dissection and tissue handling, and learned to identify anatomical structures


2013 Syllabus




               BIOL5750 Ornithology


                               Dr Hood covered for Dr Hill spring 2014.

BIOL4970/7970 Current topics in
the Physiological Ecology of Reproduction


Offered every other spring, Odd years. Co-taught with Dr Haruka Wada


The objectives of this course are to 1) review and critically evaluate several 'hot' topics in physiological ecology and 2) hone skills that are critical to success in academia. Student learn skills in writing, developing novel research questions, giving a presentation, defending their ideas, and peer-review.


2013 Syllabus

2015 Syllabus

Courses taught at Coastal Carolina University 2002-2007: 


Undergraduate Level Courses

  • Biological Sciences II

  • Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy


Undergraduate / Graduate Level Courses

  • Animal Behavior


Graduate Level Courses

  • Special Topics in Vertebrate Sampling and Collection

  • Reproduction, a Model for Integrating Biological Disciplines

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