Prospective graduate students:

Prospective graduate students should contact me by email before applying to work in my lab for graduate school. In your email, please include your GPA, GRE scores, and a copy of your current CV (resume). Please tell me about your research experience and why you are interested in working my lab. Click here to find out more about Auburn's graduate program in Biological Sciences and specific requirements for entry.


Students in my lab may work on a funded research project or a project that they independently fund and design. Whether or not the project is pre-conceived, I expect that all of my students become experts on the topic they are studying and make their thesis project their own, whether that means refining and/or enhancing a funded or ongoing study, or starting from square one.


The relationship between a graduate student and his/her mentor should be mutualistic. To the best of my ability, I will provide you with advice on experimental design, sample collection, laboratory analyses, and writing up your thesis and results for publication. However, I also expect that you will teach me as well and bring new ideas and new techniques to the laboratory.


I am best suited to train students who wish to pursue a career in academics and thus, I will insist that students participate in practices that will give them the experience necessary to succeed. Thus, I believe that all students should gain some teaching experience and all students should learn to write and submit grant proposals (regardless of the funding status of their project). Participation in lab meetings is expected and attending and/or presenting at scientific meetings is also strongly encouraged.

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