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December 2017 - Recruiting grad students for fall 2018

The Hood lab at Auburn University is looking to recruit two grad students (Ph.D. preferred) for fall 2018 to evaluate the role that mitochondria, oxidative stress, and the intracellular stress response play in variation in reproductive fitness and longevity of animals. Students will be expected to work on our wild-derived house mouse or deer mouse models. Please review our publications ( and the abstracts of our funded projects ( to learn more research in our lab.

The research will be support by 1 of 2 NSF’s grants to Hood. Our lab works closely with an established expert on mitochondrial function, Dr. Andreas Kavazis in the Dept. of Kinesiology at Auburn, Dr. Geoff Hill in the Dept. of Biological Sciences who is interested in mitonuclear interactions, sexual selection, and speciation, and Dr. Hippokratis Kiaris in the School of Pharmacy, University of South Carolina who is an expert on the unfolded protein response and the director of the Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center. Students who are making good progress and working on one of our funded projects will be supported by a research assistantship for one semester and the summer each year. Students will be expected to teach biology labs one semester per year to build their teaching record.

Interested applicants should send an email to Dr. Wendy Hood at In the email, please include a description of prior research experience, your training in evolutionary biology, physiology, and cell biology. If available, please also include an unofficial copy of your undergraduate and graduate institution transcripts (if post-masters), GPA and GRE scores, an example of your scientific writing, and the email address for 1-2 references. Please contact Dr. Hood ASAP if you would like to be considered for invitation to our graduate student recruitment day in January.

You can learn more about Biological Sciences at Auburn and our grad program at

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