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August 2016 - New mito papers accepted, Welcome Noel Park, CNS meeting was a success

A new academic year is about to start at Auburn and we have exciting news to start the semester.

Our first two mitochondria papers have been accepted for publication and will be available soon, including an empirical and a review paper:

  • Mowry, Kavazis, Sirman, Potts, Hood. Reproduction does not adversely affect liver mitochondrial respiratory function but results in lipid peroxidation and increased antioxidants in house mice. PLoS One -- 8/18/16 NOW AVAILABLE

  • Zhang and Hood. Current versus future reproduction and longevity: a re-evaluation of predictions and mechanisms. Journal of Experimental Biology

In other news, we welcome Noel Park who has just joined the lab as a PhD student. Noel completed her BS in Math and Biology at Brown University.

And after more than a year of organizing as acting president, Wendy helped run the Comparative Nutrition Society meeting in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico Aug 8-12. The meeting was a success! Wendy presented her work on life history and mitochondrial function and Matthew Warren presented his work on maternal protein intake and milk microbiota.

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