Physiological ecology of development, reproduction, longevity, and performance


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Congratulations and good luck to Matthew Warren who completed his master thesis, Effects of dietary protein intake on fecal and milk microbiota’.  Matthew will be moving to Raleigh, NC next month to complete his PhD in the Ferket lab where he will be doing a project on nutrition and immune function in poultry. 

Wendy presented at the Evolution meeting in Austin, TX.

  • A re-evaluation of the predictions and mechanisms that underlie the interactions between current reproduction, future reproduction, and survival Wendy Hood; Yufeng Zhang


We have a new publication:

  • Bentz, AB, A Sirman, H Wada, KJ Navara, WR Hood. 2016. Relationship between maternal environment and DNA methylation patterns of estrogen receptor alpha in wild Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) nestlings: a pilot study. Ecology and Evolution DOI: 10.1002/ece3.2162

Congratulations to all of the Hood lab undergrads that are graduating this semester!

In addition, congrats to Mary Kash and Kayla Frey who were awarded a CMB Undergraduate Student Research Scholarship and Auburn University Undergraduate Research fellowship, respectively.

Wendy was awarded the Auburn Graduate School outstanding mentor award. This is a huge honor.  Many thanks to the students who nominated me.

Wendy was awarded tenure!  A huge thank you to all of the students who have worked hard to help the Hood lab be productive.

The Hood lab welcomes long time Hood lab affiliate and PhD Student, Chloe Josefson, as official a member of the Hood lab.


Wendy Hood, Alex Conte, and Chloe Josefson all presented at the SICB meeting in Portland, OR.

  • Oral presentation: Hood, WR, AV Mowry, AN Kavazis. 2016. Tissue-specific variation in mitochondrial function and implications for the costs of reproduction. 2016.

  • Poster presentation: Josefson, CC, AB Bentz, WR Hood, H Wada. 2016. Epigenetic and neuroanatomical changes associate with early-life exposure to exogenous corticosterone in Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) nestlings.

  • Poster presentation: Conte, AN, EM Welling, AN Kavazis, WR Hood.  2016. A test of the relationship between oxidative damage and energy expenditure in a passerine bird. 

The Hood lab is looking to recruit 2 PhD students to study mitochondrial function in relation to the tradeoff between reproduction and longevity in the wild house mouse. Specifically, we are interested in tissue-specific variation in respiratory function and oxidative stress of mitochondria throughout the life of an animal.  Students will contribute to the funded project and develop their own research questions. Students will receive RA support. During at least 1 semester per year, the student will be encouraged to teach laboratories to gain experience that will be critical to future endeavors.

The project is supported by a 5-year NSF CAREER award to Hood. Work on mitochondrial function is relatively new to the Hood lab but we work closely with an established expert on mitochondrial function, Dr. Andreas Kavazis in the Dept. of Kinesiology at Auburn and another lab with an emerging interest in mitonuclear interaction and sexual selection, Dr. Geoff Hill, Dept. of Biological Sc...

On July 6th, Chih-Wei defended his masters thesis! Way to go Chih-Wei!  Chih-Wei will be entering a PhD program in molecular biology at Univ of Illinois at Chicago this fall.  


This month, we also welcome a new post-doc to the lab. Dr Yufeng Zhang will be joining us from Univ of South Dakota.

Congratulations to Annelise Mowry who successfully defended her masters thesis June 4th!

Congrats to Matthew Warren who was awarded an American Society for Mammalogist grant-in-aid of research for his work on the milk microbiome.

Congrats to former Hood lab undergrads Zac Hassler who will be attending Auburn Vet School and Patrick Campbell who will be going to the Military Med School in the fall.

And importantly, congratulations on all of the Hood lab undergrads who are graduating semester!  Thanks for all of you help over the last few years!

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